What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

Mother’s Day resonates differently to all of us. It can be a day of celebration, reflection and appreciation, but it can also be a day that evokes feelings of loss, sadness and confusion.

You may yourself be a mother, ringing your own, to wish her a happy day. You may even be in a bubble with your Mum and are lucky enough to give her a hug.

You may be waking up to your children eagerly giving you sloppy forehead kisses and homemade cards with glitter throughout the bed. You may be looking through old cards from children who are no longer at home.

You may be celebrating the privilege of being part of a child’s life. Or you may be mourning the loss of a mother, or a child.

Let’s celebrate those who mother, who have mothered, who want to be a mother but can’t, or are about to become one. Let’s celebrate those who love tirelessly, relentlessly and fiercely without any expectation or reward.

Some of us are mothers
Some of us have mothers,
Some of us no longer do.

Some of us want to be mothers
Some of us were mothers,
Some of us no longer are.

Some of us are step-mothers,
Some of us are stand-in mothers,
Some of us play a million different roles.

To all those who “mother”
We salute you this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day in social isolation is not ideal, but there are still so many ways you can show your appreciation for the wonderful mum in your life. Download our 30-page activity book here.

No matter how you spend it, we hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!