Easter ideas and tips

Easter weekend might feel a bit different this year – for children and parents. But only being able to leave home for essential travel and one form of exercise a day doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here are some cool ideas and tips on ways for the family to celebrate Easter:

1. Set up a treasure (or egg) hunt
Treasure hunts are pretty easy and depending on how many items there are, could keep the kids entertained for a while!  You can also get the children making egg-shaped clues that you can fill in and hide around the house and garden (if you’re a bit limited in garden space – how about in the cutlery drawer or behind a pillow?).
Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

2. Draw an Easter egg for your window
You can download cool coloring templates or create your own, either way, it’s a great activity to do with kids of all ages. Crayons, coloring pencils and glitter can brighten any egg. Older children could try cutting out shapes in the paper eggs to create a cool pattern.

3. Take them to a virtual zoo or have your own in your living room
Zoos and aquariums around the world are no exception — they too have been shut down by COVID-19. To help relieve the stress, boredom and loneliness that come with self-isolation, zookeepers are live-streaming animals for people to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. Click here to check some
You can also become a zookeeper at home! Take photos with tigers or pandas with the live 3D view of animals that Google provides in Search.

4. Bake together
Cookies, cakes, brownies. Anything! Baking is a great lesson in measuring, ingredients, and of course, making delicious goodies. Maybe try some homemade hot cross buns

5.  Decorate eggs
Easter eggs can be customized in many different ways. With some common craft items such as markers, glitter, googly eyes, crayons, pipe cleaners and acrylic paint, you can customize and add your creative flair to the eggs.
Poke a straightened-out paperclip through to make two holes, wiggle it around to break the yolk, then gently blow through the smaller hole to push the contents of the egg out through the bottom. Rinse out the empty eggshell and leave it to air dry overnight.

6. Make an Easter card
Why not create a card for the Easter Bunny, just like we do with Santa? This will entertain the children, and you can be really creative in what message you write to the Easter bunny!

7. Egg and spoon race
Each player gets a spoon and an egg (hardboiled or plastic). Each team must carry their egg on their spoon from the starting line to a turnaround point and back again. Then, the egg is passed off to a teammate who takes their turn. If the egg is dropped, the player must stop and retrieve it.

8. Have a picnic
Grab a sheet, whatever food you have, and enjoy a living room picnic, or take the fun out into the backyard if you are able. You can even play a memory game at the same time: “I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing…” Each person takes turns remembering (in order) what everyone is bringing and then adds one thing each turn.