The standard response when you’re thinking about selling your home (but are not sure when) is ‘Sell in Spring’. There is plenty of truth that warmer, drier weather and post-winter itchy feet, encourage potential buyers to open homes.

But life doesn’t stop for winter. People still need to move, whether it be for new jobs, for family reasons or just those itchy feet. Even though the weather is cooler, there are some distinct positives to selling your property in winter.

For a start, there are a lot of people who stick to the ‘List in Spring’ rule, which means you have less competition from other sellers in the market at the same time.

Also, if people are willing to make the effort to get out-and-about to view open homes on cold, wet days, then likelihood is that they’re motivated to buy! This is reflected in the latest market statistics showing a median sale price increase of $15,000 compared to last June, and the number of sales up from 488 to 517.

Christchurch Property - Selling in Winter

Tips for Selling Your Property in Winter

Use winter staging tricks

A warm fire can be a great asset in the winter; if you have a fireplace, ensure it is lit during an inspection. Blankets can be used on couches and in the bedroom to create a cosy vibe, making buyers feel at home in your property.

Curb appeal

Freshen-up your property by displaying potted flowers to help brighten-up the garden area. Rake fallen leaves, prune bushes with spent leaves and mow your lawn. This will help your property look more vibrant and appealing.

Clean the windows

Most winter days tend to be overcast. Clean windows will allow any sunlight that appears, to beam freely into the indoor space.

Use lighting to your advantage

On dim winter days, you may not have as much natural lighting as you would like. Turn on all of your lamps and lighting fixtures to banish dark corners and give the place a cosy glow.

Keep the heating on

It’s nice to enter a warm place when it’s cold outside, and in addition it will help erase any doubts about whether or not the heating system works. However, do not have it up too high – you don’t want people to feel like they’re walking into a sauna.

Make minor repairs

No matter what time of year you wish to sell your property, you’ll want to prepare for the sale by having a property that’s in proper working order.

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Real Estate Career: Do you want an exciting and rewarding career?

Real Estate is an industry that rewards hard workers!  If you are wanting to build a strong career this is your chance. We are looking for motivated, self-starters who are passionate about building a rewarding career to join our award winning team.

You may be experienced or new to the industry, either way you will have the chance to enjoy exciting rewards and unlimited potential!

Our upcoming Careers Evening is a great opportunity to find out more about this exciting career. It is being held on Thursday 15th August 6pm at Holmwood Auction Rooms, 397-399 Ilam Road, Ilam.

Topics covered include:

  • Why real estate
  • What costs are involve
  • What to expect
  • How Harcourts will help you succeed
  • Training & support provided by Holmwood

Holmwood Professional Development Programme

We are committed to developing all of our team regardless of experience to be ahead of their competitors in terms of training, market knowledge and skills. The Holmwood team join together in our dedicated training room to share ideas, learn from each other and listen to invited guest speakers.

Register your interest by filling in the form below or call Anna Penny Moore on 021 0466097 for further information

Competing at the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) National Real Estate Auctioneering Championships, which was held in Auckland last week, is a bit like competing in the New Zealand Open or the Coast to Coast. Professional auctioneers train for this annual event with a level of commitment similar to that of an elite athlete.

“To the average person, auctioneering looks easy”, said Aaron Davis of Harcourts Blue Fern Realty in Henderson, “but that’s because a seasoned auctioneer makes it look easy.”

Christchurch Auctioneers

Davis has been calling auctions for Harcourts for 10 years and has made it to the finals of the national championships eight times. This year he took out the top spot after two gruelling days of competition against 27 of the country’s most experienced auctioneers.

A good auctioneer requires a high level of industry knowledge, excellent communication and numeracy skills, and most importantly, the ability to build rapport with people from all walks of life.

“Auction competitions are not the same as a real auction”, said Davis. “It’s all scripted, but there are always plenty of curve balls thrown in. You have to think on your feet and then there’s the pressure of being scrutinised by the judges. It just takes one small slip up; you get a number wrong or you don’t handle a question as well as you’d like. The negative self-talk in your head can quickly take you down.”

Christchurch real estate auctions

In the weeks leading up to the competition, Aaron practices for several hours a day over and above the ‘on the job training’ he gets as a full time auctioneer. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been calling auctions”, says Aaron, “you need to be constantly perfecting your skills to get the best result.”

Amongst the exceptionally large field of auctioneers competing at this year’s event, half were from Harcourts including Harcourts  Holmwood auctioneers Mark McGoldrick and Kyle Siebert.

“Historically Harcourts has always had a culture of excellence in auctioneering in New Zealand and internationally”, said Harcourts Managing Director, Bryan Thomson. “The quality of the auctioneering can have an enormous impact on the outcome of an auction, so it’s gratifying to see so many of our auctioneers competing and winning at this level year after year.”

Update on the Christchurch real estate market by Hayden Broadbelt

May was a month that we felt Jack Frost return from his summer slumber. His fingers wrapped around us at the start of the month, however, it didn’t dampen confidence on the Christchurch real estate market. Whilst the market remained stable, 654 sales saw a significant lift in sales from April with the median sale price static at $452,500.

The five-year trend line continues to inch North reassuring both buyer and vendor alike. This surge in sales provides evidence that investors are returning on the back of our coalition Government not going with Dr Cullen’s recommendation on a Capital Gains Tax (CGT). First home buyers remain active but are bound by borrowing restrictions. Banks are taking a cautious approach around the historically low-interest rates provided. Our auction results continue to be pleasing with clearance rates up. Those with their finance in place are securing excellent results within our auction rooms.

Days on market has increased by 1 day to 40 days, indicating our marketing method time frames are lengthening due to the vendor and buyer price expectations out of alignment. Whilst many take a conservative approach during the colder months, those who like to purchase property without the summer competition are securing great properties.

Christchurch real estate

Driving through our great city it’s exciting to see new buildings completed. Our residential sales teams are listing more and more properties within the four avenues and businesses are starting to return to the CBD. Accommodation projects are taking shape, and the hustle and bustle is returning. Like anything starting again, our hospitality sector as well as retail needs your help to get going. They rely on us to visit the CBD, to explore our heart and enjoy what’s being created.

Property listings are the lifeblood of any real estate business and the volume of listings coming into Harcourts across the city continues to track well. Harcourts continues to be the preferred company across the city with close to every second new property to the market being listed by your city’s favourite company, Harcourts.

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Our St Albans office supported the Breast Cancer Society with their Pink Ribbon Breakfast. It was a wonderful morning filled with dress ups, delicious food, exciting auctions and great company.

We are proud to announce that they more than tripled their donation goal! The money raised will be used to fund research projects and medical grants to help improve survivorship, as well as support patients and their families during treatment and recovery.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support, and especially to Jarod Rolton and his wonderful team for putting this together!

Update on the Christchurch real estate market by Hayden Broadbelt

The month of April arrived with continuing uncertainty around a CGT (Capital Gains Tax). Investors were still laying low with a level market creating opportunities for first home buyers.

April results in from REINZ show that while the median house price across New Zealand increased by 6.4% in April, the median price in Canterbury remained static at $470k. Values are still tracking North with an annual increase of 4.3% from 2018.

Easter, ANZAC day and school holidays contributed to loss of productivity across the region but was welcomed by many as a time to reflect on the previous month’s horrific events.

christchurch real estate

Moving through our large network of Harcourts offices across Canterbury, the feedback I’m receiving is that buyers are still nervous but committed to purchase. Our assistance in their purchase is welcomed due to the increased disclosure requirements and potential for litigation if things are missed. Our vendors are looking for, and committing to, stronger marketing campaigns to showcase their homes as standout properties. This is resulting in an increased volume of buyers ready to assess value. Our open home numbers remain steady through our advertising clout in the Bluebook, online and in The Press.

real estate marketing canterbury bluebook

I often get asked when is a good time to sell? It’s true the warmer months lend themselves to increased market activity, but my response to this question is that money has never been cheaper to borrow. Buyers are ready to go and wanting to purchase. Why would you place your property on the market in the warmer months when there is a sea of competition? In Canterbury we are blessed with beautiful clear days throughout Autumn and Winter. Homes can still be showcased in all their glory throughout these months without the frustration of another four properties for sale down your street.

Property listings are the life blood of any Real Estate business and the volume of listings coming into Harcourts across the city continues to track well. Harcourts continues to be the preferred company across the city with close to every second new property to the market being listed by your city’s favourite company, Harcourts.

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Update on the Christchurch real estate market by Hayden Broadbelt

The limitation on foreign property ownership and directional uncertainty continues to see its impact in our marketplace. A positive indicator from these measures sees first home buyers enjoying favorable lending rates and reduced competition at auction to purchase resulting in a 30% increase for ownership for them compared to this time last year. March is a traditionally strong activity month for Harcourts, the smell of the sun block starts to fade and the kids are back into their full school cycle leaving time for the decision makers to contemplate their real estate ambitions.

While others enjoyed their long Summer slumber our consultants were back into their stride with another strong month. Although our listing numbers followed the REINZ stats, we saw a slight increase in our auction listings verses March 2018. A two year record on settled volume was a pleasing highlight and this was followed by a two year record settled value month. The Canterbury median house price was marginally up by 1.1% now sitting at $460,000.

Indicators from these statistics clearly show that the market is constrained but steady and balanced with the public hunger for property related information at an all time high.

Christchurch real estate market harcourts holmwood

The new anti-money laundering legislation that came into effect on the 1st January this year (AML) continues to see the brakes applied on the speed of the listing and transaction whilst we complete our information gathering under this legal requirement. For many of you that have transacted in real estate this year you will know this process and acknowledge we are just following the legal requirements placed on us. I’m delighted to say after visiting many of our offices we are showing true directional leadership in this area.

There is no company who can offer the results that Harcourts can, list with Harcourts and know we have the training, expertise and resources to get you through this new legislation, while also achieving the required results for you.

Property listings are the life blood of any Real Estate business and the volume of listings coming into Harcourts across the city continues to track well. Harcourts continues to be the preferred company across the city with close to every second new property to the market being listed by your cities favorite company,  Harcourts.


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New Zealanders award Harcourts Most Trusted Real Estate brand for the seventh consecutive year

Reader’s Digest has announced its Most Trusted brands for 2019, and Harcourts, New Zealand’s largest real estate brand, has come out on top once again.

For the seventh consecutive year, New Zealanders have voted Harcourts their Most Trusted real estate brand, making Harcourts the only real estate brand to achieve this honour since the award’s inception in 2013.

Harcourts Managing Director Bryan Thomson says the ongoing endorsement of New Zealanders is what keeps the entire team at Harcourts striving to remain at the top. “We are incredibly proud of our teams across the country, and we want to thank every New Zealander who has worked with us and voted us number one.”

Thomson continues, “Trust is an important element of any relationship, but it’s particularly vital for our clients who trust us to sell what is likely to be their largest asset.”

“We know that real estate clients want to deal with consultants that have knowledge, expertise, honesty and integrity, and who are committed to achieving the best possible result for them,” says Thomson. “Above all, they want to deal with people they can count on – that’s why we put absolute focus on creating a relationship of trust and respect with all our clients.”

Harcourts Most Trusted Brand readers Digest Holwood

“Our challenge is to keep earning that respect year after year by constantly finding new ways to deliver exceptional service and by building life-long relationships with our clients. We also continue to foster strong relationships with communities around the country through the work our people do by way of The Harcourts Foundation and the many other charities our team contribute to.”

“To be named the Most Trusted real estate brand for seven years in a row is an outstanding achievement and affirms that Harcourts truly has earned the trust of New Zealanders.

The building replaces our current one we’ve been in for nearly 25 years,” Branch Manager Simon Hollander says. “We had rather outgrown the space, so when the Clyde Road site became available, it looked like we might have a real shot at getting the work space we had dreamed of

The new building is a work of team collaboration – Aaron Jewell, architectural draughtsperson, builder Hamish Neave and Davinia Sutton of Detail, spatial designers – with more than a little input from Simon himself. “Aaron, Hamish and Davinia had worked with me on previous residential projects and I was sure they would be perfect for this commercial build,” Hollander says.

Christchurch Real Estate

The 235sq metre building has a central hallway filled with natural light from overhead windows. Glass fronted offices spill on both sides of the central thoroughfare, giving good connection between everyone working there. “You can’t miss seeing your colleagues and bumping into them as you walk along the hallway,” Hollander says.
“We wanted separate spaces where our agents could be private, but we also required linkages for networking which is so vital to a real estate company.

It was also important for the new office still to be firmly anchored in the community where it has been for so many years. “We love this location and know all the businesses and many of the residents,” Hollander says.
“To pay homage to the locale we have named the individual offices after local streets – Penhelig Place, Gleneagles Terrace, Chateau Drive and Chepstow Avenue for example. We are also still close to the Harcourts Holmwood HQ on Ilam Road for our auctions.”

Harcourts Holmwood CEO, Tony Jenkins, is understandably proud of the finished product. “Those involved have well and truly brought to life the vision that we sought for this build,” he says. “It is purpose-built for real estate and is state of the art in terms of design and functionality.”

Records smashed as Kate McIlroy and Daniel Whitehouse win Le Race cycling crowns

Daniel Whitehouse has broken the Le Race course record to claim back-to-back titles, while Kate McIlroy won the cycling classic on her third attempt by smashing the women’s record by a staggering nine minutes.

Whitehouse won the 100km race from Christchurch to Akaroa in 2018 after just having an appendix removed and again had to do it the hard way today after puncturing near the halfway point, as well as losing his cycling computer early in the race.

“I had no idea what was going on and had to do it old school,” laughed Whitehouse whose new record time of two hours 35minutes and 28 seconds is even more remarkable considering an enforced slow start through the city due to limited police resources.

“On top of that the replacement wheel was a bit narrower so my front break wasn’t working very well, and I had to hold off the speed a bit downhill,” said Whitehouse who found himself chasing a leading foursome of Jake Marryatt, Scott Thomas, Paul Odlin and Kees Duyvensteyn.

The 24-year-old climber managed to claw the leaders back one by one charging up the famous Hilltop, where only Marryatt managed to stay clear to take the King of the Mountain prize.

The young Christchurch rider, however, was soon caught by Whitehouse and young Andrew Bidwell from Blenheim who was the only rider to match the defending champion uphill.

On the final stretch, Whitehouse waited for one last steep climb to accelerate and lose his two young competitors to arrive well clear of Bidwell and previous record holder Michael Vink in third place.

In the women’s race, the frustrations of losing last year’s race on the finish line was the perfect motivation for Kate McIlroy to finally win Le Race in the third attempt.

“I didn’t just want to win the race, but destroy the record,” said the former Olympic triathlete who clearly has not lost any of her competitive juices, winning in 2.49.10.

McIlroy said she was not going to get caught again and was grateful to find a strong group to stay with going up to the Hilltop. “Last year, I had to do a lot of racing by myself, so it made a big difference to be able to stay with a group.”

The 37-year-old said that she “was done with Le Race” after ticking the cycling classic off her bucket list. “But never say never,” said McIlroy who finished more than two minutes ahead of Henrietta Christie and 13 minutes ahead of Julia Grant in third.

Both race winners picked up the $500 winners check as well as the $500 dollar bonus from Harcourts Holmwood for beating the course record, and were followed by a field of around 700 riders of all ages and abilities, including blind tandem rider Blair McConnell and riders on vintage bikes.

The 53km Le Petite Race to Little River was won by Chris Ross and Sammie Walker in the women’s race.