Thinking of selling in Summer?

Summer is such a vibrant time to sell. Long, warm days and blooming gardens really benefit your home in the selling process.  Here are just a few easy and effective ways you can make your home bright, tidy and enticing for the Summer market!

1) Prepare The Exterior Of Your Home For Summer

  1. Mow the lawn and keep it watered (the smell of freshly cut grass is very nostalgic!)
  2. Trim bushes and shrubs & keep plants hydrated
  3. Weed
  4. Touch up peeling exterior paint – window panes etc
  5. Paint and/or clean up the front door and step

2) Make Your Outdoor Space An Inviting One

Tidy up any area that could work as an optimal outdoor social/living/dining space – We’re talking outdoor BBQ area, deck or patio – this can also be an area you can have staged! Talk to one of our agents about their go-to staging companies.  Showcasing an area such as this to potential buyers creates an idyllic and coveted area that they will hopefully be able to picture themselves enjoying with their own friends and family!

3) Keep Your Home Cool and Comfortable

Make sure you have at least a couple of windows open at each end of your house. If your home is equipped with air conditioning (especially if it is advertised as a chattel), make sure it’s performing efficiently and has been serviced recently by a professional HVAC technician. If your homes is without central air conditioning, turning on ceiling fans, keeping lights off and blinds drawn prior to showings are all tricks to keeping the airflow at a comfortable level.

4) Stage The Home To Reflect The Season

Staging is proven to enhance the appearance of a home, which can make a positive impact on a seller’s decision. While there are great staging companies that our agents can recommend, there are a few things you can do on a low budget yourself to enhance areas. Bright flowers on a dining room table, flowers in a window box, and having summer scented candles are all relatively simple and cheap, but can make a home stand out, and smell delicious!

If you’re thinking of selling this Summer, your Holmwood agent is the best person to talk to about ways you can enhance your home for viewings. Get in touch for a non-obligation marketing proposal and some tips on styling your home!