Christchurch Real Estate: May Update

Christchurch Real Estate: May Market Update

Autumn days in Christchurch can be breathtakingly beautiful. It is also a very special season for Holmwood as we celebrate the success of our team in the past year, but we see it as a time to give back. The Harcourts Cancer Society Ball is a premium fundraising event with massive community participation and is a superb night to support a fantastic cause.

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Autumn has also been a special season for Harcourts Holmwood who have in the past two months produced amazing auction statistics. You may well ask why we succeeded where others have shied away from auctions? The 69% success rate (sold prior or under the hammer) is down to two words; communication and preparation. Our ‘walk with you’ policy means we tell it without false promises and work collectively to achieve great results week after week. The REINZ March statistics for Christchurch Real Estate Market which show properties sold (710) and median days on the market (32) are a broad overview of all companies in Christchurch; Holmwood’s auction success rate is definitely helping improve those overall figures.