Holmwood’s Continued Support of Nurse Maude…

The name Nurse Maude is seen by many as the brand associated with district nursing in Christchurch, however it was over 120 years ago that Nurse Maude herself took to the streets of Christchurch to care for the poor and sick. While the principles and values are the same, nursing has been transformed by continual advances in training, research, and technology. At the centre of all Nurse Maude’s Community Nursing Services is keeping people out of hospital and residential care wherever possible so they can live in their own homes and communities.

Through snowstorms, earthquakes, pandemics and the ups and down of the real estate market, Harcourts Holmwood hasn’t missed a beat, sponsoring nearly half the fleet of Nurse Maude cars since 2009. Every day of the year Harcourts Holmwood agents are travelling the length and breadth of Canterbury on the back windows of the Nurse Maude cars to support their work across the region.

Holmwood agents are much more than just a face on an ad. Whether our agents have been supporting Nurse Maude from day one, or have just come onboard as a new sponsor, each and every one of those agents contributes to the care of those in need in our community. These are also the people who supplied their own four wheel drive vehicles (or found someone who had one) when patients needed to be transported through deep snow. They helped to shovel mud and silt from the hospice shops and run vital supplies to patients in the community after the earthquakes. Although these events had a direct impact on Harcourt Holmwood and our agents, we never let them down, which is probably why Harcourts has won the Most Trusted Brand consistently since 2013.

In every respect Harcourts Holmwood is certainly Nurse Maude’s kind of people.