Real Estate Christchurch: Presenting Your Home

real estate christchurch - presenting your home for sale

Real Estate Christchurch: Presenting Your Home for Sale

So you are ready to sell your real estate in Christchurch, it’s very important you consider the way your property is presented. First Impressions Count!

Stove, refrigerator and sink should be spotless with all work spaces clean and uncluttered.

Neat, spotless and fresh. Display your best towels.

Halls and Stairs
Remove any clutter to give a spacious appearance.

Leave tidy and don’t have overcrowded wardrobes.

Dust off and replace all burned-out bulbs or faulty switches.

House Exterior and Garage
Remove mould or moss, wash down and paint if required. Keep tidy.

Children and Pets
We suggest that you allow buyers to inspect your property without distraction. Ensure your pets are secured.

Driveway and Patios
Water blast or use moss remover if required.

Clean if dirty.

Repair dripping taps, leaky toilets.

General Condition
Dust, wash, paint, fix defects as required.

Real Estate Christchurch - Presenting your home for sale

Creating a feeling of spaciousness, store away unneeded items to enlarge room size. Also consider placing fresh flowers throughout your home.
It is important to ensure your property looks its very best from the moment it goes on the market. A clean and tidy home will attract more potential buyers and has a better chance of selling or reaching a premium price.

Advise your Sales Consultant
††Let your sales consultant know which rooms benefit from morning to late afternoon sun or summer breeze.
††Tell your sales consultant the things you like best about your house, section and location.

When your home is being marketed:
*Open drapes in the daytime, close at night.
*Turn on sufficient lights when showing.
*Use a fragrant diffuser, or light a scented candle.
*Turn on soft background music.
*In winter make sure the house is warm and cosy when showing.
*Deoderise pet areas and secure your pets.
*Check your flower arrangements.
*Depersonalise as much as possible by removing personal items and some family photos.