Steven Marshall

“You can gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience during a 33 year career in real estate.”
– Steven Marshall

Bringing over 33 years of total focus and commitment

There’s experience, then there’s real experience. After more than 3 decades in the profession, Steven Marshall has it in spades. His extremely supportive and committed approach earns him rave reviews from clients and consistently delivers an incredible level of sales success. Focus and integrity are in his DNA.

For the last 5 years Steven’s worked side by side with his son Jack, and as a real estate dynamic duo they really are real estate’s people people.

When it comes to people, Jack and Steven believe in telling it like it is. They’re always honest, factual and supportive, totally focussed on their clients’ goals. They’ll offer sound advice without ever being pushy, their consultative approach helping minimise problems and maximise opportunities. And they’re both great negotiators when it comes down to the wire.

To them both, success is all about making a difference for people and helping them as they make some of the most significant moves in their lives. They build a genuine rapport with their clients and develop lasting relationships which is reflected in repeat business and referrals.



“We appreciated the regular feedback throughout the campaign, and knowing a little more about those who’d been through. In fact, right through the process you both made sure that we understood what was happening and what was likely to happen, so we always felt fully informed and were very confident in your professionalism. We really like that you didn’t make any promises about the result we’d get, – your only promise was that you’d always be working in our best interests, and we saw that all the way through the promotion period. The one thing we probably weren’t prepared for was such a fantastic result.
If you have a seller wondering whether to go to auction or not, tell them how it went for us. We are delighted!”
– Paulette Knowles & Kane Crossan

“A pleasure to deal with someone who has such a vast experience and understanding of today’s market conditions. As we had been in our home for over 30 years, it was great to have Steven guide us through the whole process.”
– Bill & Diane Coughlan