Simon Hollander

“Constant excitement and new challenges ensure there is no better business than Real Estate”
– Simon Hollander

Brilliance In Balance

Experience isn’t something you get overnight. It comes from working through a myriad of different situations so when the time comes for action, you can do so quickly and confidently.

For Simon Hollander, experience is something he’s gained with a successful selling career before entering real estate management and ownership.  Devoted to the industry since 1998, with a carefully developed progression of nous and skill, he now directs a tightly knit team of consultants, buyers agents and support staff as Holmwood’s Ilam Office Business Owner and Branch Manager.

The mindset that Simon first established in a civil engineering career has been crucial to this ongoing success. Numerous clients, multi-faceted projects and careful planning were dominant factors then – and they’re vitally important now.

Not one to sit still, for a decade Simon’s dedicated hobby has been to run cycling events in Canterbury. For 6 of those, he hosted the marquee event on New Zealand’s cycling calendar, the Elite National Road Championships here in Christchurch.

Modern real estate also demands innovation. You need to stay on the cutting edge, constantly adapting and evolving. At times such a fast moving lifestyle can be stressful so it pays to have someone who can install a sense of lightheartedness in the office. Quite simply, Simon knows what having a laugh means for the bigger picture. He manages with a quick-to-shine smile, a timely word of advice and a no-nonsense approach.

If this sounds like you, and you are looking for a change in career, give me a call to find out how we can help.

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