Make 2023 the year to buy that house

If January was the time for goal-setting, then February is all about action! If your plans for 2023 involve a step up (or even down) the property ladder, then now’s the time to set the wheels in motion.

Establish your priorities. The house-hunting process will be much, much easier if you’re clear about what you’re looking for from the outset. Start by creating a list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’. It’s really hard for sales consultants to help you if we don’t know what you want.

Know your budget. Understanding how much you have to spend is critical. Consult with your lender (or ask us about preferred mortgage brokers) early on in the process and clean up your finances as much as possible. A few months of responsible spending will give you the best chance of securing the ideal loan.

Do your research. Ask us about what’s happening in the current market; it’s where we work and what we do every day so our shared knowledge can be to your advantage. We can provide data on recent sales in the areas you’re looking at; the more knowledge you have, the better your decision.

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