Looking Forward: The Christchurch Real Estate

Christchurch Real Estate. Harcourts Holmwood

Tony Jenkins CEO of Harcourts Holmwood talks about the Christchurch real estate market and how the team are enjoying their new purpose built office

Q1. Tony, I hear that theChristchurch real estate market is busy now we have said goodbye to winter and of course, the election:

I can certainly tell you that your instincts are correct. Listings are strong and the Holmwood team is really working very hard with both sellers and buyers. Overall, we are having a good start to Spring with amazing auction results and some wonderful high-quality listings. We are very pleased with the wide range of homes for sale that we have on offer and this provides the many buyers
out there with a real choice.

Q2. There have been some suggestions that the Christchurch real estate market is a bit up and down at present.

We have come through a cold and wet Winter and then to have an election just as Spring was starting, seemed to hold us back. I have noticed, however, a shift to a far more positive outlook after just a few sunny and warm days and it certainly shows in the number of people that are talking and listing with us.

Christchurch Real Estate Market - Harcourts Holmwood New Auction Rooms

Q3. You mentioned the success Holmwood has been having with its auctions.

We have watched the steady growth of auctions being listed over the past month. If we were just to look at statistics, September has been an excellent month with a very high clearance rate either prior to or on auction day. One of the great pleasures of the auction system is that it leads to unconditional sales and this allows sellers to move on quickly no matter the motivation.

Q4. So how is the new auction room working out?

We are just so delighted with the way the auction room is delivering such a positive environment for our buyers and sellers. The drama and excitement of auctions are truly evident, as well as the way we can provide easy access for anyone to be seen and their bids heard. Both buyers and sellers enjoy the opportunity the side rooms offer for quiet considered negotiation at such an important time. The addition of online streaming that provides web access for viewers and the onscreen bidding has also been warmly welcomed. The other thing that so many have commented on is the quality of our two award winning auctioneers Phil and Mark McGoldrick. Both Phil and Mark have a commanding presence yet they also respect the magnitude of the decisions being made every Wednesday morning.

Q5. I notice that you have started auction buyer meetings, tell us about these.

We are proud of what we are doing here and it ties in with the Holmwood approach of helping buyers and sellers make positive auction decisions. Using our auctioneers and other members of the auction team, we explain the bidding process, how auctions work, bidding approaches and what happens after the auction. It is again part of our philosophy that we work hard to help everyone feel very comfortable in the auction room. In fact, the next one we are holding is on Tuesday 17th October, 6pm.

Christchurch Real Estate Market. Harcourts Holmwood New Head Office Boardroom
Q6. Any final words about Christchurch real estate Tony?

I am so excited by the way the whole Holmwood team is working hard to deliver exceptional results for their clients. The efforts of the consultant irrespective of the value of the house is part of what we do and I am so proud of them. You see, when a good sales consultant is working in harmony with their vendor and they maintain an ongoing conversation about market feedback, great things happen. The real quality of Harcourts Holmwood has always been about delivering great service and that still remains our focus today.

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Tony Jenkins
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