Future Steps: A Career in Real Estate

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One of the few things that forecasters agree on is that most individuals will experience many more job changes than was the case generations before.

A career in real estate is one of those pursuits where the combined strength of past life experiences and acquired work skills can create a winning combination. Coupled with a positive attitude and great communication skills, it is amazing how many people have built extraordinary careers in real estate. On inspection it is clear that the top real estate performers come from diverse backgrounds; retailers, butchers, mechanics, teachers and nurses (to name a few) but they are all linked by a common desire to succeed and deliver outstanding customer service.

I, myself, started my working career with Lands and Deeds and, believe it or not, while at school had aspirations of becoming an accountant. So it is no surprise to me to see people from all walks of life forge successful real estate careers. My decision to start in real estate was made over three decades ago and it is a decision that I have never regretted and an industry I continue to be passionate about.

real estate sales career harcourts

Real Estate offers opportunity and flexibility beyond those of regular 9 to 5 based roles. It is a dynamic and engaging industry that ultimately centres around people. Real Estate provides rewards for those that work hard and are committed to going the extra mile. Recently though a famous real estate coach, Tom Panos, identified that hard work alone is not the make-up of a top performing agent. It is when this dedication is combined with diligence, organisation and prudence he believes you have a recipe for success. Theories aside, it is hard to identify who will make the “perfect” agent, however, in my eyes it should always come down to the following three things:

1. Service – A commitment to delivering outstanding service to your clients. Always doing what you say you are going to do and having a general desire to put people first!

2. Communication – It is vital to have clear and constant communication with clients regardless of the news that must be delivered.

3. Passion – Your attitude and energy is determined by your passion for the job so loving what you do is crucial.

Many people that enter the industry as a second or even third career often talk about having wished they had started with real estate earlier. So my advice to you? Don’t delay, join us at our upcoming Careers Evening to find out how you can enter the wonderful world of real estate or call me for a confidential chat.

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