Our Offices

In 1991 Holmwood was established to meet the evolving real estate needs of Christchurch. Leading the industry to a new level of commitment and expertise, we soon found our work to be in great demand.

Since then our success has come for a number of reasons.

We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of information technology and systems. We’ve recognised the importance of recruiting the best and continuously training them to be better.

Most importantly, we’ve always maintained that our successes are entirely dependent on those of our clients.

Only by delivering the highest level of service and the best results can we continue to thrive. We do this by looking past the numbers, the properties and the awards to what really matters. And that’s the people. We find out as much as we possibly can about what our client requires. Then we put in the researching effort to bring every option to the table. Then we take the time to ensure they are completely happy with the marketing programme we have designed for them. Then we go to work.

In an industry often seen as having a sole focus on selling property we pride ourselves on our ability to find dream properties for our clients. While there are obvious differences between finding property for people compared with finding buyers for property the fundamental approach stays the same.

This is all easy to say, harder to do… and harder still to do well. Consultants need their finger on the pulse, the technology to move quickly and the vision for opportunity. At Holmwood, this approach is non-negotiable.

In a people-oriented business, having people working for you who are single-mindedly focused on getting the results you want, definitely makes the difference. It’s what makes us your kind of people.