Jarod Rolton

“Transparent. Dedicated. Genuine. That’s my promise to you.”
– Jarod Rolton

Transformational Management

In real estate some names are just part of the DNA of that industry in this fair city. The Rolton name, both mother and son, have created an enviable record of success. For Jarod, it grew out of a decision to farewell the motor trade as a qualified mechanic and to tune his mind on matters of property. Hard work, commitment to clients and a passion for achieving the best, allowed Jarod Rolton to climb the steps of regional and national awards year after year.

At every step in this process, Jarod absorbed new ideas, embraced good habits and sought to make the next real estate activity better than the last one. Continuous improvement was matched by a personality that demanded he imposed on himself the highest of business standards. After nearly a decade of real estate success, Jarod Rolton has accepted a new and exciting challenge – management. Jarod’s positive attitude combined with his passion for the real estate industry creates a natural synergy which will serve him well as he embraces the opportunity of business ownership and management for the St Albans office.

As Manager of and a part business owner of Harcourts Holmwood St Albans, Jarod has had an amazing impact on his office and team. By embracing a positive, supportive and shared commitment to his team, Jarod has transformed the St Albans office. Working alongside every member of the team he has imbued them with the confidence to collectively deliver the finest service to their clients. From the clients perspective is the knowledge that he will work hard with all his people to deliver the very best result for the seller or buyer. A dogged determination to understand the multitude of legal and technical challenges that face any who enter into the property market, Jarod is always seeking answers.

Harcourts Holmwood is delighted that Jarod has taken the reins of the St Albans office and it is such a privilege to see how he and his team provide those who want the best in their real estate transactions, quality service, commitment and great results.