Liz O’Neill

“Focused on Clients, Driven by Results
– Liz O’Neill

Success is the Result of Hard Work

Figure skating is one of the most difficult disciplines to master on the ice. It requires years of practice, discipline and passion to succeed and, as an ex New Zealand Ice Figure Skating representative, Liz knows just how challenging this can be. Now her focus is real estate and this effervescent university graduate will bring those same qualities that made her an Ice Figure Skating champion, and make her a success in her chosen career.

Liz knows all too well that success is not about her, but about hard work, meaningful communication and forming positive relationships with her clients to achieve the property outcomes they want. Her experience in sales and marketing in the construction industry has given her a solid understanding of the value of research and the minefields of property legislation that are ever more complex and important, so she can deliver top quality results to her clients. Passion, loyalty to her clients and doing ‘the right thing’ are a few of the attributes that Liz embodies. She knows only too well that success is the by-product of hard work, and those that have met her will know how energised she is.

Choosing to work with Liz is a smart move – she has the commitment to achieve, the understanding to deliver great results and the desire to listen to her clients. She understands that behind every property transaction is a very important set of decisions which must be respected and supported. Deciding to engage with Liz about a sale or purchase of a home is a great call and she would love to talk to you today.

We had been looking for over a year for a warmer retirement home for us. We had had preliminary interviews with several different companies. As this was to be a major investment for us, using up most of our life-savings, we were cautious and a little wary. Sometimes the gloss and breeziness of the first interview wore off to some extent on the second. But with Liz it was different. Somehow, she instilled us with confidence. She was the real deal, absolutely genuine. We trusted her. She went the extra mile for us. She never put any pressure on us but talked us through all aspects of the process. She was knowledgeable, and had a real interest in us, not just in making a sale. We think that Liz is someone special who is a real asset to any of her clients. – Mary and Kerry McCammon