Clarence Monsanto

“It’s abundantly clear that Clarence targets long-term relationships and repeat business over
a quick profit.” – Ben, Lincoln Road Buyer

Seeing Our City Grow Through Real Estate

Born in the Philippines and raised in Christchurch Clarence has a passion to see our city continue to grow, and he has the mindset to ensure it does! With a strong background in fashion, Clarence understands the importance of finding the right fit and will never settle for mediocrity. He possesses the ability to find the perfect fit for all of his clients.

Clarence perceives the real estate industry as more than just buying and selling properties. To him, it’s about building relationships, trust, and maintaining a high level of professionalism to satisfy his clients’ needs. With this mindset, exceeding the expectations typically set for an average real estate agent comes naturally to him. Motivated and attentive to detail, he strives to achieve great results for you. Clarence is unquestionably an agent you should consider engaging with!