Colin Zhai

Seizing Opportunities without Hesitation

Colin Zhai holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics & Astronomy – a testament to his hard work and dedication. He is driven by an insatiable curiosity for understanding how things work and a passion for problem-solving. With his unique blend of modern technology and timeless etiquette, Colin embodies true professionalism, continuously learning and evolving to meet the needs of his clients.

Refusing to be average, Colin leverages his rich science and engineering background to approach real estate with a distinctive perspective. His decisive actions reflect his understanding that time is one’s greatest asset, always seizing opportunities without hesitation.

Raised in New Zealand, Colin embraces a diverse cultural heritage that includes Chinese, Filipino and Indian influences. This unique upbringing, combined with a love for classical music and old-school etiquette, defines Colin as having an old soul while being part of the new generation. He will take challenges in his stride and aim for the best solutions for his clients.

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