Philip Watkins

“Having helped hundreds of people find their way home, I’d love to help you.”
– Philip Watkins

One Client. You.

Talk with Philip and you will appreciate his irrepressible determination, attention to detail and infectious enthusiasm.
It’s Philip’s genuine desire to deliver exceptional customer service and help his clients achieve a result they are truly happy with in a caring, professional manner that has seen him over the years at the top ranks of Harcourts’ most consistent performers, placing him regularly in the Top 10 of Harcourts Christchurch and the Top 40 of Harcourts New Zealand.
Philip is a discerning businessman with a strong business background spanning twenty years in retail service and most recently in the role of sales and business development manager for another major real estate company. His absolute attention to detail and intimate understanding of the marketing process allows him to deliver creative and intelligent marketing plans, while his patient and honest approach has proven him to be a sterling negotiator.
In his spare time, Philip is something of an intrepid traveller whose genuine compassion and empathy for people and different cultures has led him to visit Africa four times in recent years, as well as to India, Italy, Russia, France, the U.K. and the U.S.A. Philip’s search for adventure and quest for a greater understanding of the world we live in has taken him trekking through the foothills of the Himalayas, across sand dunes in Namibia, by ancient monuments of India and Egypt, and sleeping under the stars of an African Savannah.

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