Kyle Sutherland

‘Anything is possible if you make a plan and work hard but it is so much easier if you have a leadership team that not only believes in your plan, but wants to travel the journey by your side.’
– Kyle Sutherland


Experience & Energy

Appointed to the role of CEO in 2024, Kyle Sutherland brings a wealth of leadership experience and unceasing energy to the Harcourts Holmwood team. A Harcourts veteran with over two decades in the industry, Kyle has been instrumental in setting Harcourts’ standard for excellence, revolutionising leadership through professional and personal development, both at home and abroad.

Kyle’s journey with Harcourts began in Dunedin in 2004, a fledgling sales consultant who quickly learnt to fly, earning the title of Rookie of the Year and setting the standard for a career that would see him shine. By 2008, Kyle had stepped into the world of auctioneering, winning the coveted title of Harcourts New Zealand Novice Auctioneer of the Year.

With a team-orientated attitude and an instinctive ability to lead, Kyle turned to coaching in 2014, excelling as Harcourts New Zealand’s South Island trainer. Drawing on his own experience as a successful sales agent, he thrived on enabling new and experienced agents achieve their full potential. It was during this period that Kyle accepted the role of Business Development Manager and Trainer for Fiji, growing the business through strategic planning and coaching the management team and sales consultants.

Most recently, Kyle has headed up Harcourts Holmwood’s Ilam 2 office, not just as Manager, but also an invested Business Owner.

Passionate about supporting the people he leads to achieve their best and fulfil their potential, Kyle journeys with his team. Actively supportive, yet comfortable with the uncomfortable, he’s an inspirational people-centric leader who celebrates the success of those he guides. Compelling and productive, humble and respectful, Kyle’s a champion for excellence, setting the bar high for the future of Harcourts Holmwood.

Keen to work with Kyle and the Harcourts Holmwood team? Call him on 027 553 6299 to discuss ways to join us.