John Fulton

Defining a new era of real estate.

Born and raised in Christchurch, property has always been a passion from a young age. Bringing together over 9 years of residential construction, sales and development knowledge. John understands the property process from the start to finish.

Having worked for not only New Zealand’s top architectural builder, but also New Zealand’s largest group home builder, John understands that his client’s needs are his first priority. This has given John an exceptional knowledge base, a keen eye for detail and a hunger for hard work. John always ensures a successful and rewarding property experience.

Buying and Selling can be an emotional process. It can be stressful and difficult if you don’t have the right people around you. John thrives in guiding you through this process. Still owning and developing his own homes, John will successfully guide you through those moments that only the someone who deeply understands the process of purchasing and selling property can create.

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