Brian Buckingham

“Being ‘up front’ has kept me out in front.”
– Brian Buckingham

A Proven Negotiator with Experience in All Markets

Brian Buckingham believes his job is all about open communication coupled with years of market knowledge and valuable experience.

The ability to understand how people buy and sell is so important in today’s changing market. This is what matters most when you are looking for a proven straight shooter who you can trust to target results for you.

Brian is one of the most down-to-earth, straightforward, charming people you are ever likely to meet.

In an industry where the deals and negotiations can get complicated and the pressures can sometimes take their toll, he will remain resolute, unflappable and totally in control every step of
the way.

His years of experience in all markets and his well-honed negotiating skills are evident in the Holmwood Auction Rooms every Wednesday where he is utilised on the floor as Auction Manager.

Nothing is a problem to Brian. Simply tell him what you expect to achieve and he in turn, will tell you whether your expectations can realistically be met. Adopting a totally honest, direct, and forthright approach is the only way he knows how to work.

Brian’s years of experience, wealth of market knowledge and reputation brings proven results for his clients.

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