Anna Webber

Committed to Providing Exceptional Service

Anna’s extensive professional background sets her apart. She spent a decade as a chartered accountant with well-known companies, followed by another decade advising clients in the finance industry for two major New Zealand banks. This experience has endowed her with a deep understanding of financial principles and an ability to forge strong, trust-based relationships with buyers and sellers alike.

Known for her calm and approachable demeanour, Anna excels in communication and customer service. She is dedicated to supporting her clients at every step, ensuring their needs and space are respected. Whether you need a knowledgeable adviser or just someone in your court, Anna is there to help you achieve your property goals.

Anna’s career truly took off when she embraced her passion for property, recognizing her innate talent in the field. As a seasoned investor/developer, she brings a comprehensive understanding of property portfolios, making her an invaluable asset to her clients.

Driven by a genuine love for helping people, Anna is committed to providing exceptional service, guiding clients through their property journeys with ease and dedication. Anna’s values align perfectly with the Harcourts values: People first, Being courageous, Fun and laughter, Doing the right thing.

Anna offers specialized skills that can provide additional support in your home ownership journey. Anna prides herself on delivering the best information for pivotal decisions and is always available for a chat to discuss your property needs.

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