Caroline Register

Effective leadership and resolute attention to legislative detail.
– Caroline Register


Unwavering Enthusiasm & Excitement

When Caroline Register took ownership of Holmwood Property Management in 2006, it was her compelling enthusiasm that set her apart. Today, she’s as chipper and passionate about property management as ever. Caroline has grown the business to lead a team of 28 dedicated property specialists and has established herself as one of New Zealand’s foremost experts in the field.

At the heart of Caroline’s ethos is her unwavering and undeniable energy and her motivation to provide an experience centred on the pillars of kindness and care. However, Caroline backs this with strong, effective leadership and resolute attention to legislative detail. As tenancy law goalposts rapidly shift, Caroline’s superior knowledge plus having her finger on the pulse ensures she’s always ahead of the game. Combined with the latest technological innovation she has introduced to Holmwood Property Management alongside her willingness to share information and intellectual property, Caroline’s place as an elevated and aspirational trailblazer is firmly cemented.

However, Caroline doesn’t get it all her own way! At home, the two pre-schoolers rule the roost, ensuring her feet are well and truly grounded and merry mayhem enriches her life.