Zani Polson

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“Unique by name, unique in my approach!”
– Zani Polson

Energy, Enthusiam & Excellence

No matter if you are a buyer or a seller, property today is a complex business. Trained as a Legal Secretary and having worked both here and abroad, Zani Polson combines both of these important skills of detailed organisation and effective communication. Indeed, Zani takes pride in making certain the client comes first and it is part of her mantra that service is about achieving exceptional results.

Zani understands the power of digital marketing to promote property and bring together opportunities that may slip past an older generation. Her energy and commitment to real estate is exciting as it is productive. Perhaps it comes from her commitment to her clients that marks her out as a person who knows that while marketing is so critical, face to face conversations are what generate results.

Zani has a rich experience of the needs of others and a genuine appreciation of factors that come into play when folk are making important decisions. Zani’s legal secretarial experience provides a deep appreciation of the complexities and pitfalls that can trip someone up in post-quake Christchurch. Of course, Zani Polson comes with an amazing team of managers, experienced agents and auctioneers at Ilam 2 to ensure that your property requirements are given the level of professional support all our clients expect.

‘Energy’, ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘excellence’ are three words many would use to describe Zani and for those seeking a consultant that will go the extra mile and deliver great results, it would be a great decision to give her a call.

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