Jack Marshall

“If all the world’s a stage, Jack is well cast.”

– Jack Marshall

Energy, enthusiasm and a lifetime immersed in real estate

Jack Marshall’s always been something of a performer. He brings to real estate the same energy and enthusiasm he took to the theatre stage for years, as a performer in stage shows from one end of New Zealand to the other. The difference? Now he’s looking to delight his clients, not a packed auditorium.

Jack believes that when a client trusts you to help them, you do your absolute best by them. That honesty and integrity has been built over years, watching his father’s successful real estate career up close.

Now working side by side with his dad, Jack and Steven are a dynamic father and son team who really are real estate’s people people. As Marshall and Marshall, they bring double the experience and double the energy. Together, they’re a winning combination for their clients.

Jack is passionate about helping people, has energy on his side, and can’t wait to make his clients’ dreams a reality.

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