Regan Austin

“It Matters When It’s You”
– Regan Austin

Organisation, Communication & Results

Regan Austin has a simple philosophy about the people he works for. Each person matters, everybody he works for must be respected and good communication is a two-way street.

Regan is well versed in the importance of positive client relationships, with over two decades experience working in what many would term the most demanding of retail management, the supermarket industry, he understands that everything matters. It is that uncanny eye for detail, that ‘going those steps further than the competition that marks him out as an achiever.

A vital part of Regan Austin’s business philosophy is his recognition of doing what he says he will do and achieving that outcome within the agreed timeframe. So rather than some chance promise of delivering requested information or agreements, Regan will make sure things happen on time, every-time.

Regan Austin has the maturity and business experience to understand the importance of what commerce is about. Business owner, manager and married family man Regan appreciates the value of being well organised, of communicating clearly and delivering on deadlines. If you are wanting to work with a person who takes you seriously and has a powerful work ethic, then give Regan Austin a call today.