Micky Limmer

“Exceptional standards of service and support
– Micky Limmer

Achieving Results

Micky Limmer is the sort of person most people enjoy talking to. Wise beyond his years, passionate about real estate and hardworking, he exemplifies a new generation of realtors who are professional in their approach, personable in their style and committed to long term goals.

Real estate is truly in Micky’s DNA and so it was no surprise that Michael was only one of a very few chosen from hundreds of applicants nationwide to be enrolled in The New Zealand Real Estate Scholarship. Michael understood from an early age the thrill of providing great results for people. Today, Micky cannot envisage a time not being in real estate – young enough to be comfortable with today’s trends in technology but wise enough to respect what his clients want, he is a good listener and a hard worker.

To Micky, the client is the centre of his universe. He understands that by providing exceptional standards of service and support he is laying the foundations to a lifelong career. He flinches at terms like ‘give it a go’ and ‘near enough’, because he understands the value of doing things the right way, short cuts are not part of his belief system.

Micky Limmer’s passion for real estate knows few boundaries, years spent in the hospitality industry has taught him the primacy of customer service, he understands the value of being able to offer all his clients an opportunity to work with them every step of the way. When one wants to do their very best in real estate, those that are the achievers, triumph.

Now well on his way to becoming an established real estate consultant, Micky has much to look forward to. To Micky though, he is building a business based on his achievements to deliver great results for his clients, not on dreams of a time to come. Micky is ready, able and willing to help you today.