Michael Faulkner

 “I set myself very high standards and I have a commitment to excellence”
– Michael Faulkner

Well Travelled Expertise

After assisting many people finance their homes and realise new opportunities, Harcourts Scholarship recipient Michael Faulkner decided he wanted a new perspective in the process.

The professional skills he developed working for some of Australasia’s most visible and established companies made the transition into real estate seamless. Having worked as a banking consultant for Westpac and an insurance agent for State, Michael is a skilled negotiator and is well versed in handling any ‘finer print’ matters.

“I’ve always had an interest in real estate”, Michael says, “Whether it’s sharing the excitement that comes with buying a first home or assisting someone through a life changing stage of their lives”

Michael worked as a flight attendant at Virgin Airlines for several years, an experience that played an important role in forming his impeccable customer service skills. People who have dealt with Michael say he is professional, well organised and honest, that his approach to the work is systematic and that he is adaptable, dynamic and intuitive in his decision-making.

“I have found working in these industries to be both personally rewarding and fulfilling”, says Michael, “I set myself very high standards and I have a commitment to excellence”.

Michael is a brilliant communicator who works diligently to ensure his clients stay informed and up to date. Michael is able to take the stress out of the process because he knows it from a range of perspectives: homeowner, investor, insurer and financier.
Michael is a professional and his desire to succeed for his clients is rarely matched. Michael promises results and delivers on them. He might even be your opportunity to succeed within the property market. Get in contact with Michael today if you need any advice and see how he can help.