Amelia Fitzhardinge

“Do it with passion or not at all.”
– Amelia Fitzhardinge

From Ordinary to Extraordinary…

The moment you meet Amelia Fitzhardinge you know you have travelled through a door from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

She has an infectious smile that can light up a room and has a maturity far beyond her years. And when you consider her dedication, commitment and fiercely strong work ethic, it comes as no surprise to learn that she spent 12 years performing in top level ballet and has been a passionate member of the world renowned St Andrews College Pipe Band. It’s exactly the same skills that saw her flourish and triumph in these arenas that have transitioned so well into the real estate industry where focus, patience, motivation and drive are paramount.

A number of years working in the hospitality industry have seen Amelia well versed at multi-tasking and being able to deliver exceptional customer service and relate to the individual needs of sellers and buyers of all ages. She has a fastidious eye for detail and a staggering grasp of technology which, along with her high level of self discipline, means you can be assured of professionalism, reliability, high quality service and commitment throughout every stage of the process of selling or buying real estate. When you use Amelia for any of your real estate requirements, you will discover the true meaning of the word extraordinary.