Ryoko Nishida

I have a strong work ethic, high integrity and a loyal attitude.”
– Ryoko Nishida

An International Perspective

International investors and immigrants form a vital group of buyers in the New Zealand housing market – something Ryoko Nishida is acutely aware of. As a long term New Zealand residence, she is passionate about promoting Christchurch and making the process as straightforward as possible for potential international purchasers.

“When overseas buyers purchase property here, they don’t understand the system or the market,” says Ryoko. “I offer support for them, which is important when English is a second language. Part of my service includes organising a solicitor, a building report and other necessities for overseas clients.”

Following 15 years at Holmwood, Ryoko has made a name for herself. Aside from frequently sourcing buyers from her native Japan, Ryoko also specialises in selling properties for absentee homeowners. Her ethical, loyal and committed attitude is a standout in an industry demanding of excellence.