Duncan McGregor

“Working with people, searching for great solutions!”
– Duncan McGregor

Five Stars

Setting standards of exceptional service is second nature to Duncan. Along with his experience in hospitality management comes other qualities essential in such a demanding world, qualities such as organisational skills, commitment to complete and a desire to go that extra bit further.

Duncan knows that he is part of a team to whom success is second nature. Integrating the bounty of guidance Harcourts Holmwood offers gives Duncan a huge advantage, allowing him to focus more completely on the needs of those he is working with.

Articulate and friendly, Duncan has natural talents that make sitting down and talking real estate with him, a positive experience. Duncan McGregor quite simply enjoys working with people, searching for great solutions and not resting until he knows he has done his best.

To Duncan, being successful will always be about giving his clients a five star experience that will allow them to achieve their dreams.

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