Craig Heyrick

My background has been in the banking industry and a Government agency.  An investigator, a business banking manager,  a debt recovery manager, working for a Mortgage Broker and as a stable-hand in a top racing stable – These roles have allowed him to gain a vast knowledge and create an extensive network of contacts. Whilst new as an agent,  I’ve had 16 years’ experience of selling from the mortgagees “side of the fence” and throughout that time have always treated my clients with total respect and if the issues couldn’t be resolved, always strived to get them the best sale price. When given the opportunity to join the Harcourt’s Holmwood team, I didn’t hesitate as they are a team of diverse, highly successful salespeople.  On a personal note I am the younger brother of Barry (26yrs experience as an agent), a passionate born and bred Southlander, a family man – married to Tania with a 21yr old son; have 3 cats, 2 dogs and 1 Harness racing broodmare.  My passion is Harness Racing (where I’m a  highly respected tipster) but also squeeze in time for golf, cycling and running. I come with a fresh perspective and can provide innovative ideas and real commitment to my clients.