Tania Ikin

“I believe that effective communication is essential in exceeding my client’s expectations”
– Tania Ikin

People, Places and Property

If one was to summarise the passions of Tania, then this heading would say much about her.
While it would accurately reflect many aspects of her life, it would however, ignore many of the very personable and wonderful aspects of Tania that will appeal to all who work with her. Tania has an excellent eye for detail, a great work ethic and perhaps most importantly, a willingness to listen and communicate.
A work career originally focused around the demanding travel industry, taught Tania many of the essential negotiating and communication skills that have marked her out as a person who can achieve where others fail.
A lifetime of property ownership, renovation and investment have prepared her well to empathise and understand the fears and frustrations of others who step forward to make buying or selling property decisions.
Making a decision as to who to talk to about property is never easy, but a quiet chat with her, would be an excellent start. If the focus is on achieving a great result, then Tania would be at the top of the list for many.
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