Mere Blair

“No question is a silly question. Buying or selling a home can be an emotional journey.”
– Mere Blair

Customer Care & Communication

I have a caring nature but don’t mistake my sweetness for weakness. Life experience has made me a very strong, independent and motivated woman. Mother of two children, former self-start business owner, with a variety of work experience in different roles. I knew that Real Estate would be an excellent fit to combine all my skills and experience, while doing what I do best “People”.

Buying or selling a home can be emotional and I feel privileged to be a part of that journey. Regardless of the situation, I bring support and clarity while achieving results.

I have worked in retail, hospitality, telecommunication, events and fashion. With roles in Sales, Customer Service, Production and Retail Management. My success in these roles came from hard work, an eye for detail, determination, marketing and people skills.

I was born and raised in Christchurch and after a number of years travelling abroad I bought my first home in Kaiapoi in 2017. I had never planned to live in Kaiapoi, but I fell in love with my new home. I now enjoy the benefits of the new motorway into town, proximity to the beach, and living on the edge of city and country.

Thinking about buying or selling, or do you have a question I can help answer? Contact me today, I would love to be of help.