Jay Yuan

“It’s more than just real estate.”
– Jay Yan

Your trust, my commitment, We are a perfect match!

Real estate is like the solar system: the essence of real estate is to revolve around the client; the gravitational bond which makes them inseparable is what we called rapport. People can put a price tag on a property, the meaning of relationships, however, is unquantifiable.

Having previously worked in hospitality and the massage therapy industry, Jay is ready to take the work and stress off your shoulders whether you are looking to buy or sell. He has established impressive relationships with his past clients by listening, understanding, and offering advice as these steps are taken and deeply embedded in his real estate approach. His infectious smile and positive energy make him far from being unapproachable.

Despite being born and raised in northern China, Jay has spent a quarter of his life in Aotearoa New Zealand, exploring, experiencing, and thriving in this wonderful culture and environment. Jay understands differences and embraces diversity through the scope of his world view. Jay’s fluency in Mandarin and English has also given him the ability to help his clients climb over the language barrier.

Sounds like the right person for you? Then what is stopping you from calling Jay today and letting him be part of your remarkable journey?