Anthony Carter

With a genuine focus on your dreams and goals.
– Anthony Carter

Heart of service

Easy to talk to. Understanding of your wants and desires. Connected with your home vision. Anthony Carter is a people person who cares about you and your family. He thrives on walking the home buying or selling journey, side by side, explaining every detail, answering every question and relieving every stress.

Anthony is a Christchurch native and has a real passion for service. His knowledge and expertise offer comfort and understanding to your experience as his client feedback suggests.
Anthony has more than thirty years in the housing industry as a business owner of a painting company.

He has spent countless hours working with his clients to add that ‘homely’ touch or to help prepare a home for market.

People are at the heart of his daily interactions as he desires your relationship to be positive, supportive and engaging.

Anthony loves to spend his spare time with his wife and family, as they are dedicated to serving the community and bringing family structure and support to children in the foster system. Anthony loves to give back and has participated in several service missions in various parts of the world. He is dedicated to continuing his community outreach efforts.

Music is also a key factor in his life, as a singer and band member who periodically share their talents.
When you’re ready to buy or sell your home, give Anthony a call. Feel the difference.