Amy An

Get To Know Me Better

Amy’s natural ability to relate to people and her strong communication skills have proved to be an asset to her throughout her career in Customer Services and more recently in Property Management. The transition to selling Real Estate was a natural one, as Amy has been successfully working towards developing business relationships within the Asian community regarding their property needs.
Prior to living in New Zealand, Amy spent six years in Japan completing a Bachelor of Commerce as a mature overseas student from China. Speaking English, Chinese and Japanese is an asset to Amy’s business, as is her ability to work thoughtfully and sympathetically with clients from a variety of cultures.
Amy believes that she has the best possible motivation for working in Real Estate; that is assisting her clients achieve their property goals whether buying or selling their homes. For Amy, satisfaction comes from the knowledge that she has genuinely helped her clients. To do this, Amy believes that her skills as a good listener, her patient and precise nature and her creative thinking benefit her enormously. Amy is neither pushy nor demanding but her commitment to her clients and her tireless persistence help her to seal the deal.
Honesty and integrity are integral to Amy’s nature as is her caring and friendly nature. The large number of contacts she has built through the local Asian community and her church are testament to this.