Simon Watson

Communication and honesty.
– Simon Watson

Simon Watson: The Care Taker

One glance at Simon Watson’s tenure in real estate reveals an agent who works tirelessly for his clients. Some will talk about his trustworthy nature, the strength of his communication and the honesty of his message. Others have mentioned his quiet sense of humour and dedication to completing whatever task he starts. Perhaps an example of that attention to detail can be found in his passion for restoring antique furniture or in the several successful house renovations he has undertaken. Simon certainly loves property as both a profession and a passion.

However, real estate is much more than simply buying or selling. For Simon Watson, positive property decisions are about understanding the client as an individual and delivering choices which align with their property goals. To do that, Simon listens intently and uses a quiet but skilled approach to gently ask questions about your wants and desires. For both sellers and buyers in Christchurch today, expert knowledge and successful communication are important, and Simon carries out that commitment with a thoroughness which provides necessary peace of mind.

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