Sally Pomeroy

“Passion with a purpose
– Sally Pomeroy

Making Real Estate Fun…

Research has shown that people who talk to real estate consultants want very much the same sort of things. People want consultants who engage with them by listening carefully to their needs and requirements. Buyers and sellers want their consultant to be organised, proactive and have a well-researched understanding of the market. Not surprisingly though, one of the things most want is a person who tells those they work with the truth. Do buyers like the home? Do you have the right feedback to make a good selling decision? Sally Pomeroy is just one of those rare breed that meets these criteria so admirably.

Just over two decades ago Sally Pomeroy purchased her first home. Ever since then, (and many real estate transactions later), Sally has enjoyed the fruits of property ownership and investment. As a professional, previously working in sales and marketing industry at a management and director level, Sally Pomeroy knows how to put deals together and make things happen for her clients. Her excellent relationship building skills and communication have proven Sally’s top performer status in sales and her passion for success.”

“My philosophy is to make things simple for my clients I work for. My aim is to listen, list and then I sell properties while keeping in constant and clear communication.”
“I have the ability to make people feel excited about their decisions, and I think that is because I understand their needs, and I am genuinely enthusiastic about their personal success.”
For those who want a consultant who will constantly strive to achieve beyond the norm, you would be well advised to talk to Sally Pomeroy today.