Lucy Popovich

Great things happen when Lucy gets involved!

Originally from Croatia, Lucy understands the numerous intangible advantages of living in Christchurch with its unmatched weather, location and diversity. She has had an extensive career in Client and Restaurant Management, and this knowledge, coupled with her master degree in economics, has provided her with valuable skills that she uses daily in your real estate transactions.

Lucy has established her reputation by building relationships and her superb work ethic. She approaches her career in real estate with the same enthusiasm as she does everything else in life – using all resources to deliver the 5* service and excellent negotiation skills to ensure a successful transaction.

“My work history is quite diverse and that is who I am, I embrace change, think on the go and have a down-to-earth approach to life. Working as a Flight Attendant in Qatar Airways, a multicultural company, and serving people from all levels of society made me more empathetic, made me change approaches and step into the shoes of another person multiple times in a day. I believe that diverse experience taught me it’s ok to show your vulnerability, and with your masks down, you are open to new ideas and you will promote creative thinking over personal interest.”

A firm believer in preparation and organisation, Lucy’s energetic personality is consistently praised as well as her ability to stay cool under pressure.