Chris Shannon

“Committed to assisting you to achieve the best possible result for you
– Chris Shannon

People First…

Prior to joining Holmwood Christine has had a lengthy and successful career selling urban and rural real estate in South Canterbury and managing a real estate office.
“I have enjoyed so much about my career” she says. Helping people to achieve their goals, meeting strangers who have become friends, always striving to make the end result a happy one for all. I look back with pride on being placed 4th in New Zealand twice (number of sales) and 2nd in New Zealand for Business Growth.”
Christine’s teaching background provides her with great communication and leadership skills and allows her to take on the responsibility of the ongoing development of Harcourts Holmwood resources and staff.
“This time has been a chance to pass on some of the skills I have acquired over my many years in real estate” says Christine. “My focus has been on training and support and the facilitation and personal development of a busy and successful team of sales people. It has been a time which has been one of the most challenging and rewarding of my career.”