Wendy Hancock

Wendy, in real estate since 2001, excels in diverse property management with unwavering commitment to high standards, delivering exceptional tenant and owner experiences through her passion for optimisation.

Early on, Wendy progressed from Office Manager to Senior Residential Property Manager. As Business Development Manager/Team Leader, she excelled, boosting the property portfolio from 70 to over 200 properties in 18 months. Her achievements include negotiating rental portfolio purchases and guiding a property management team for a new owner. Wendy also held the General Manager role for a large-scale Property Management company, revamping processes while overseeing a team of property managers.

Wendy’s success lies in her exceptional relationship-building skills, maintaining composure under pressure, and delivering top-tier service. Her hands-on approach, time management, interpersonal skills, and unwavering commitment contribute to superior property management. Beyond profits, Wendy values relationships, opportunities, and delivering value, aiming for win-win outcomes in her role as a Commercial Property Manager.