Meet the Team

Driving success in real estate month after month, the management team of Harcourts Holmwood live and breathe their craft.

Leah de Friez
Sales Manager – Ilam 2

What do you wish all buyers knew?
That a good agent you like and trust and can do all the research and running around for you. Not only will you save time but they can get you more opportunities than solely looking around open homes on your own.

Simon Hollander
Branch Manager – Ilam

What’s a favourite item in your home?
An old leather armchair with ottoman bought many years ago from Portobello Antiques. Apparently it was an extra piece commissioned for the Blanket Bay resort, but never made it down there. It’s softened and aged over the years and is always inviting. Better still the kids know that it’s Dad’s chair so it’s always available when I arrive home.

What’s a common mistake made by buyers?
We so often see buyers seeking advice from family, friends or Great Uncle Louis to help them buy at auction. We can help so much with potential values, various bidding techniques, style of the auctioneer and how the auction will unfold. Our rates of success in securing the property when the whole team is involved are exceptional.

Jacquie Harrop
Branch Manager – Merivale

What’s the highest price you’ve sold a home for?
When I started my career in real estate nearly 22 years ago, it was a really big deal to see a house sell over $1 million. It’s very different today! In excess of $2m is not uncommon and here at Holmwood we were recently involved in the sale of Christchurch’s record-breaking (so far) sale of a residential property at over $6m.

Would you rather buy a brand new home or something that needs TLC?
There are benefits in both. Everyone loves the idea of brand new, but a house needing some work can be an exciting challenge. It is possible to add value and increase your equity in a property if you have the flair and skill to create some ‘magic’!

Christine Shannon
Sales Manager – Ilam 2

Is selling real estate a 24/7 type of job?
One of the wonderful things about selling real estate is that you are in command of your own time and workload. We probably all work a little harder and longer than our families would like. However, we can take time out to enjoy occasions, such as children’s sports days, when that might not always be possible in other careers.

Lynne Macdonald
Branch Manager – Fendalton

What three words describe a successful real estate consultant?
Intelligent, energetic, hardworking.

How do you keep your team motivated?
I don’t, my team are self-motivated – another essential component of being a successful real estate consultant.

Jarod Rolton
Sales Manager – St Albans

Are there any suburbs in Christchurch that investors should be keeping an eye on?
With the emerging central city I think we could see some real opportunity in city living, and neighbouring suburbs, over the next few years!

If you could live anywhere in New Zealand, where would it be?
Christchurch, of course!